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The Look-Up Line™ is a new warning track system designed by Thomas E. Smith to help players be aware of how close they, or other players, may be to the boards. With this warning track system in place, players will be able to make better judgment with contact near the boards, preventing unwanted neck injuries and harmful head contact. The Look-Up Line™ extends 40" in width from the boards, spanning the entire circumference of the ice surface. (Color - Pantone 151C Safety Orange)


Here at Ultra Pure Ice Paints, we have developed The Look-Up Line™ to give you the most paint for the lowest costs. Sold and distributed as a concentrate, each gallon of Ultra Pure Ice Paints yields twice as much paint per 1 gallon of concentrate. This allows you more paint for less costs, and minimizes shipping fees!


Ultra Pure Look-Up Line Concentrate Conversion:


1 gal. Concentrate yeilds 2 gal. of Look-Up Line Ice Paint

5 gal. Concentrate yeilds 10 gal. of Look-Up Line Ice Paint

*5 gal. Concentrate recommended for Look-Up Line coverage of regulation NHL size ice surface (200'x85')


Order today and help make the game safer with The Look-Up Line™. 


Look-Up Line: *Lowest Costs!

Ultra Pure Look-Up Line - $33.00 (1 Gal. Concentrate)

Ultra Pure Look-Up Line - $145.00 (5 Gal. Concentrate)

*Recommended 5 gal. of Concentrate for a standard 200' x 85' ice surface

Ultra Pure Look-Up Line Vinyl - Call for Info


Look-Up Line Promotion:

5 gal. of Look-Up Line Concentrate FREE with order of $750.00 of Ultra Pure Premium Ice Paints and Equipment!





For more information on The Look-Up Line™, please visit

Ultra Pure Look-Up Line (5 gal.)



Still not seeing the "Big Picture?" Click on the image to get a zoomed in view of the layout and dimensions for The Look-Up Line™.


Contact us today for more information on templates, and special painting brushed and techniques for your first install of The Look-Up Line™.


With the help of Ultra Pure Ice Paints and your ice rink, we can make the game safer for everyone.


Order Today! 


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